TRS/3000 Time Registration System

TRS/3000 is a complete present and absent registration system which suits all HP e3000 computer systems.

TRS/3000 works with barcode readers, which of course if needed can also be supplied by SAMCO.

TRS/3000 contains the following functionalities:

Registration of the start and end of duty per employee via barcode readers, holding roster schedules in account
Interactive responsibility of the "absent" hours, like: leave, sickness, company trip etc.
Sickness registration with a link to Salary Administration
Occupation information per department
File built up regarding to gross salary calculation
Interactive retrieval of per occupation department
Security access with valid badge numbers
Total responsibility of present and absent hours

Why choose for TRS/3000?

Optimal security of your company
Dependable hardware and software
Optimal help functions available
Exact registration on minutes
Automatic dismissal sickness report from start and end of the appropriate employee
Very extensive reports (even on temps)
Simple integration with current applications
Expansion possible to a personnel information system
Linked with a Shop Floor Control systeem, helps with the after calculation of your sale orders
Download data to PC's