SUPRTOOL The Fast Extract and Sort Program for the

Database resources for fast extractions and precision editing.

Can"t be missed for copying of major databases of files.

Suprtool selects not only fast entries of databases with a low overhead, but sorts, arranges, removes, quantifies, copies and backups.

SUPRTOOL can optional be supplied with an Allbase interface.

With SUPRTOOL many applications are possible:

Converts files Extract test data
Searches wrong data Archive databases
Frond-end reports Tune up batch jobs

SUPRTOOL allows the following functionalities:

Works with loose records, chains or related chains Fast serial scans
Supports Query SD files and Quiz sub files Database edit facilities
Fast extractions of IMAGE, KSAM or MPE files Powerful record selection
Copies, sorts, backups, list, quantifies Fast unload/reload of databases

Why choose SUPRTOOL?

Retrieves files and sorts them for your review
The speed can't be beaten, a scan of the biggest data sets only needs a fraction of the users wall time and saves up to 90% cpu time
Remarkable timesaving when carrying out batch jobs