QLD/9000 and QLD/3000 Quick List & Display

QLD is a 'tool' for end users AND developers, with which information
from Image databases, ascii- and ksam files can be printed and/or projected with help of Qedit and Suprtool.

QLD creates reviews by means of dialogue and a dictionary.

QLD contains the following functionalities:

Selection database, dataset, ascii- and/or ksam file
Selecting of items:
selection of one or more items serial or random
indication for projection order, sort order and items to be summarized
selection on content of items, Suprtool IF
Linking files with help of Suprlink
Print and screen make-up:
standard headings by means of selected items
definition headings by users
muting layout by detail line of user
Automatic dictionary generation by means of Image databases
System management:
QLD procedures can be stored in a file for recycle purposes
with the help of 'settings' the output can be defined e.g. which printer ,
number of lines/page, amount of positions/lines, compressed printing, etcetera

Why choose for QLD?

Simple in use, no lessons needed
No intervention of automation personnel necessary
Interactive help functions available
Extensive selection and sort possibilities
Data projection, printing or file writing
Design and set up your own layout
Mind boggling processing using Qedit, Suprtool and Suprlink
Print control user set
Download data to PC's
Security on behalf of the user