QEDIT Full-Screen Editor for the and

QEDIT is a full screen editor for HP-UX systems and HP e3000 computers on MPE systems

The productivity of the user is improved through direct compiling, links and running of programs straight from QEDIT.

QEDIT allows the use of UDC's and command files and offers text make-up facilities. Disk space is reduced by use of compressed files.

QEDIT offers the following functionalities:

Full screen editor
'Cut and paste' operations
Direkt compiling, linking and running
Use of UDC's and command files
Uses compressed files
No problem adjusting to other software tools
List redo commands stack facilities

Why choose QEDIT?

Fast block-mode interface with built-in 'cut and paste'
Compatible with HP's monitors, Reflection, Advancelink, Session and HP-UX workstations
Can be used via LAN, NS or modems
Save time with list for fast, uninterrupted editing