AKTIVA/3000 Fixed assets Administration

Aktiva/3000 is a dynamic 'fixed assets' package, which is suitable
for all HP e3000 systems.

Aktiva/3000 is a 'stand alone' package, it can run independent of
your administration software.

Aktiva/3000 contains the following functions:

Administration of fixed assets
Automatic depreciation per period
Processing of several kinds of currency with the aid of historical charts
Calculations based on:
purchase value
balance value
replacement value
Reconfiguration when the purchase value or depreciation account changes
Review of new purchased assets

Why is it you can optimally control your fixed assets with Aktiva/3000?

High level of user friendly software
Unlimited amount of assets
Optimal help-functions available
Direkt (online) review of the fixed assets
Amazingly fast batchprocessing
Wide range of report possibilities
Integration with financial packages, like HP/FM, available
Download information to PC's.