ADM/3000 Financial Administration System

ADM/3000 is a complete 'multi-user' financial administration system
which is available on all HP e3000 systems.

ADM/3000 possesses the possibility to process multiple financial administrations of different companies on one single computer.

ADM/3000 features the following functionalities:

General ledger
company based parameters
Accounts Receivable an accounts Payable.
Extensive foreign currency processing
reminders or payment advices
Subledger fixed assets.
automatic depreciations
splitting up cost and profits via subaccounts
Budget control
period spending per balance and costs type
period spendig per ledger account
cumulative reviews current and previous book year
Management reporting
multiple levels
administrative control (audit-trail)

Why choose for the ADM/3000 ?

No extra activity during the annual closing of the accounts!
Phase implementation possible
Optimal help-functions available
Interactive as well as batch input of data
Direct (online) review of the financial situation
Print-possibilities throughout interactive program's
Powerful batch processing with a wide range of selection possibilities
Flexible extensive reports
Simple integration with existing applications
Downloading of data to pc's