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Product Table:

HP 9000
Development tool SOMA/9000 Simple and powerful Case-tool
HP e3000
Development tool SOMA/3000 Simple and powerful Case-tool
Financial administration ADM/3000 Financial Administration System
Assets administration AKTIVA/3000 Assets Administration
Time Registration TRS/3000 Time Registration System
Databases Suprtool The database handyman
  Suprtool/UX Database handyman for HP-UX
QLD/9000 Quick List & Display
QLD/3000 Quick List & Display
Editor Qedit Full-Screen Editor for HP 9000 and HP e3000
Migration Migration More information about what SAMCO can mean for your migration
  Eloquence More information about HP Eloquence
  UDAlink More information about MB Foster's UDAlink
HP Servers HP-UX or HP-MPE servers
Printronix Printers High quality printers
BKS Barcode Readers For e.g. time registration and access control

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